From the ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Trip; Really big thrust fault behind me!

Hi, my name is Corbin Kling, I am studying structural geology with an emphasis in planetary science. My masters work was focused on investigating large thrust faults on Mars and if they could inform us more about the subsurface crustal properties. My Ph.D. work has been focused on how pit craters form on Earth, Mars, and any planetary surface that host these enigmatic sinkhole-like geomorphological features.

My most recent work has included:

1. A large mapping project studying how pit craters influenced the formation Noctis Labyrinthus, Mars. I have mapped all normal faults, impact craters, and pit craters within Noctis Labyrnithus, Mars. Additionally I have found abundant evidence for periglacial processes post emplacement of the pit craters indicating some large volatile reservoir was present within the subsurface.

2. Three field campaigns to look at pit craters on Earth; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park , Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, and Canyonlands National Park

Out in the Ka’u Desert, Mauna Loa behind me!

3. Analog modelling of pit crater formation in the laboratory sandbox using granular materials and appropriate strain rates to replicate conditions on Mars.

Cross Canyon, Utah from 2019 Canyonlands Fieldwork

I am interested in a whole lot of things other than geology too, mainly drones, racing drones, 3D printing, and data visualization. I am using my site to share science (poster presentations, manuscripts, abstracts and tid bits of interesting work), drone work, drone repairing/building, and 3d printing. I will do my best to update weekly and the plan is to have a stream of my 3D printer as it prints ridiculousness and practical things.

Additionally I have been interested in aeolian processes, specifically linear dune formation and modification over time. I have been utilizing repeated drone surveys to study how linear dunes are changing in the Simpson Desert in Australia in support of a larger project being organized by Dr. Bob Craddock from the Center of Earth and Planetary Studies at the National Air and Space Museum.

Our campsite at Madigan Camp 11 on the 2017 journey across the Simpson Desert in Australia