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Here you will find an assortment, mostly complete list of all abstracts, posters, and manuscripts I have published, or I am an author on. Only first-authored posters and abstracts will be presented here.



Topographic expressions of large thrust faults on Mars

Publication from my masters research that my advisor and I prepped together post graduation.

Choosing a path to the ancient world in a modern market: The reality of faculty jobs in archaeology

This paper came out of a class project for a seminar class I took during my Masters. We examined how Anthropology Ph.D. recipients fared in job acquisition, and especially looked at gender disparity within that field.


Temporal observations of a linear sand dune in the Simpson Desert, Australia: Testing models for dune formation on planetary surfaces

Results from multiple dGPS surveys over a single linear sand dune ‘snout’ in the Simpson Desert in Australia. This study queued the next steps of implementing UAS into our analysis to greatly increase the number of sand dunes that we could investigate during each field campaign.

Selected Conference Posters

Lunar and planetary Science Conference 2019

American Geophysical Union 2018

American Geophysical Union 2017