Website is coming together smoothly!

The website is coming together, I started with posters and abstracts, and now field work is getting filled in. I hope to have a little bit of everything populated this week, and will continually update it as I find time!

Website Construction Continuing

I have returned to making/adding to the website. I have been very busy with school; conference attendance (50th LPSC), working on a manuscript for my first Ph.D. chapter, and preparing for being a Teaching Assistant for NCSU field camp. I am going to start with my Manuscripts/Posters Page, to get my research up and available for viewing. Intermittently, I will be updating the Bench, ’cause well…. the Bench is always being updated!

I’ll Leave you with a glorious photo of me from the Drone Racing League 2019 Tryouts from the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. I got 83/2017 so did pretty good!

The Post To Start Them All

This website will compile a bunch of randomly somewhat organized thoughts of mine into coherent sentences (sometimes) and pretty pictures. This will include cool figures I’ve made, cool things I’ve 3D printed, wild ideas, and lost of videos of drones crashing, drones going to fast for me to handle, and drone building shenanigans.

Please check back for consistent updates on the craziness that this website will become!