Research and Teaching Philosophies

These are general outlooks for my progression in research and teaching. These documents reflect my current practices and how I plan to conduct my professional career as I go forth.

Research Philosophy

My research is centered around one central theme: why do planets and planetary surfaces look the way they do?

I address these questions by using remotely-sensed satellite, drone, and aircraft data in addition to field work at sites on Earth to determine how the oceans, atmospheres, and rocks all combine to create intricate and beautiful landscapes.

Below you can download my full research philosophy for further reading.

Teaching Philosophy

Through my teaching experiences in lab and field settings I have developed a teaching style that promotes students self learning and teamwork with the students.

I am passionate about creating classrooms that are inclusive and promote learning through student-led activities and hand-on approaches to geological problems. I am working to incorporate 3D printing into mapping-based and GIS exercises in an effort to provide more 3 dimensional visualizations for students to understand geology. I find ti is m,ore impertant than ever to strive to provide materials for students that are inclusive of all backgrounds. If that means I need to change my delivery style or how the exercises work, I am more than willing to accommodate any student in my classrooms.

Below you can download my generalized teaching philosophy.